The last six weeks have been a whirlwind. Between end of semester grading, graduation and traveling for Accidental Icon I have only been able to take notes so to speak and have not yet found the right form to translate them.  There has not been time to process the many conversations I have had, the sights I have seen and the endless possibilities life seems to be placing in front of me like a sumptuous feast. I am hoping for an interlude of sorts.  A space where all the interactions, new experiences and information can come together and be transformed into some good writing, inspired photography, some interesting collaborations and some as of yet "unthought knowns".  Just like the new graduates from Parsons, I am feeling that the future of fashion is "up for grabs".  It feels like there are no rules and that makes me feel deliciously free. In a recent article,  in 1 Granary, a magazine produced by fashion students, Ed Filipowski, who runs a successful fashion PR and production agency  says, "You don't have to follow formulas that existed. This is the wild, wild west of fashion right now. You can do what feels instinctively right for you." This is right on point and seems to explain why perhaps I enjoy some success in this current climate. I seem to know what is right for me and I encourage others to do what is right for them.

Filipowski approaches his work with brands and designers as a relationship and as always a collaboration. A relationship where there is movement together as partners. When asked if he gets as much as he gives from his clients, he answers that he is both inspired and emotionally impacted when designers talk to him about their clothes and what their process and thinking are. He says that sometimes he has left a meeting and has had to go to a room and sit in the stillness for a time as he has been so moved by what he has experienced. I love when someone is more articulate than you and can put the essence of what you are trying to say so succinctly.  It is in and through my transactions with others that propel me to keep evolving and becoming. So now I retire to sit in a quiet room, let it all sink in and see what happens when I come out.  

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