Modern Luxury: What is It?


                      What is your idea of modern luxury?

As I sit at my desk today and have the time and space to write an extra blog post my first thought is what a luxury that I have the time to indulge myself this way.  Writing for and being creative about my blog is my biggest pleasure.  In a world that moves very fast it occurs to me that all things of quality must involve things and experiences that are slow/fast. Both cannot exist without the other. Neither can be appreciated without the other. So for me it is interesting to think about how does the commodity of time get applied to what might be considered luxury when it comes to fashion. 

What I have realized through my own process is that it the creative part that takes time. When I come up with the idea or finish an editorial then everything begins to go fast. Once I post a picture on Instagram the notifications start coming at breakneck speed as the image flys all over the world within minutes. Yet what is behind the photos and the writing are countless hours of reading, looking and speaking with, that all come together in how I want to present the garment in a way that says what I wish it to.  Sometimes the simplest of garments are the most luxurious for all the same reasons; they are the result of  hours of aesthetic reflection. Each garment embodies "a tale, a picture, a belief."  Such are the clothes I was recently introduced to by Ascari Milano. A family  (a mother, brother and sister) who "immersed in the aesthetics and cultural fascinations of Sicily, appreciate how equilibrium, good taste and luxury are the foundations of all expressions of life." So for me they offer a visual way to suggest my own thoughts on what luxury in fashion may mean to me. 

There is an authenticity and integrity in the raw wrinkled and pleated look of the hemp, silk and linen textiles and a suggestion of strength in the silhouette. The garments hang from my shoulders in perfect balance and suggest harmony with my body and the nature I pose in. Made by skilled craftspersons who attend to detail and  suggest a nuance with a stitch, these garments are the perfect announcement of summer and the luxury of time that season  brings to me.

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