AGMES: Remembering a Dream


Some of you may remember a post I did about remembering my love of silver jewelry. Just as with the clothing I inevitably choose, who the designers are and their creation stories also have a role in informing my choices and triggering forgotten pleasures.

The elements in a re(invention) story that captivate me and help me tell mine are: the re(discovery) of an abandoned passion, risk-taking in the pursuit of an entrepreneurial activity and creative collaboration. These elements are all present in the story of the silver jewelry I was gifted and am wearing in these photos. 

Over afternoon tea with the charming and beautiful sisters, Morgan and Jaclyn Solomon, I got to hear yet another inspiring re(invention) story. AGMES is the realization of Morgan's long held dream of being a jewelry designer.

After following a different career path, an "accidental" encounter with an old friend caused Morgan to realize how much she wished to re-kindle her desire and she decided to take the leap and start a jewelry line.

Her sister Jaclyn, already a successful fashion designer, with a love of architecture and design, started out by pitching in when she could to help her sister. Soon however she was all in and the talents and synergy created by their combined talents have resulted in a very successful line.

The sisters have managed to remain deeply involved with their customers. One feels you can have a relationship with them as well as their jewelry. Their aesthetic fingerprints can be seen touching every aspect of their business.

The aspects of the pieces that really speak to me and my own style sensibility are the modern clean lines, the sculptural feel and the nod to architecture and art. The current collection lookbook tells that story better than I can with words. The design cleverly makes the pieces look substantial in ways that belie their incredible lightness, making them comfortable to wear. The line is also handmade locally with recycled metals and strives to achieve zero waste. This jewelry ticks all my boxes in multiple ways.

Do you have a piece of jewelry that helps you tell your re(invention) story? 


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