The shirt I am wearing in this post is an Opening Ceremony anniversary re-issue of a design by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. Opening Ceremony, a dream that became real, was founded in 2002 by the designers, who quit their jobs in corporate fashion to engage with their love of fashion, art and travel. The vision became a small store on an out of the way street in NYC.

It’s name and mission come from the multicultural extragvanza that opens the Olympics. While including iconic and emerging homegrown designers, the pair each year showcases the talents from a visiting country supporting diverse and international talent. One of my favorite designers, Angel Chen has been featured there.

Opening Ceremony’s lines of activity, rooted in friendship and exploration, currently extend physically to stores in LA and Tokyo and virtually as an e-commerce site and blog. Collaboration with designers, artists, filmmakers and other creatives constantly transforms and privileges different stories about what we might really mean by inclusion.

Follow this link from my weekend bibliography to read about how the two designers created a blueprint (also creative directors st Kenzo) that made Asians feel like they really had a place in fashion.

Do you feel like you have a place in fashion?