A Slow Stroll

The emails with announcements, calendars and schedules have started to come in from university signalling the end of summer break is fast approaching. I worked all day on syllabi, posting on Blackboard and putting all my reminders into my calendar. I wanted to be able to have a slow stroll into the new semester, a transition between the busy weeks that have preceded my vacation and are sure to follow once the new semester begins. It was a motivation to get everything done today. My "slow stroll" was my treat for being industrious and doing tasks that were not so exciting.

While on vacation, I found this lovely black duster in a vintage shop and knew it was just right the moment I put it on. The panels flow around my legs as I walk, making it easy to take slow and languid steps. The sheer sleeves and frog enclosures on the bodice allow me to reveal and/or conceal, a styling idea I love to play with. Velvet slippers let me tread softly and carefully.

I have had time with friends (like the young man who was so gracious to me when I was in Shanghai) and for whom I could return a small part of the favor when he visited New York) and  I visited with old friends in Seattle and made many more new ones.  I have done many interviews; a photoshoot or two; a music video; worked on a book project and had lunch, tea and coffee with creative people who care about the communities they live and work in and want to use fashion, art and beauty to make a difference. I have been inspired and have inspired. I feel a new story coming and I can't wait to see what it will be and most of all figure out how I will tell it. So here I go strolling forward accompanied as always by fashion and a friend.


How do you reward yourself when faced with a necessary but not so exciting task?


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