By the time last week finished my house looked like a tornado had struck, my electronic mailboxes were overflowing, I missed a week of visiting my mom and somehow came to realize I had reached a tipping point. I could proceed the same way I was going and be mediocre and not thoughtful with everything or just put the world on hold and figure out a plan to get my life back.

The best thing I did before the week ended was to interview and hire three interns. They are wicked smart. They are fashion, computer and social media savvy. They all care about sustainability and supporting emerging designers. I felt a huge weight lift and hope that I might yet again get to the things that are important to me: creating engaging written and visual content. My dream of moving my blog incrementally to an online magazine is something they thought exciting and possible.

Saturday I tackled my space, organizing clothes, jewelry, sunglasses and bags that were distributed throughout; making the apartment look more like an exhibition in a museum of disorderly yet beautiful objects. Boxes of unsolicited beauty products are now lined up in a neat pile with an intern tasked to think how we could review them creatively yet honestly.

Sunday I began the day back on my healthy eating plan, walked my 5 mile a day target, went to a market show to talk with old friends and new, touched some beautiful clothes, tended to neglected relationships and had some playtime with my grand daughter.

Today I cleaned up those overflowing mailboxes, got my double sided to do list (teaching and this project) list in shape and am writing a blog post on schedule. Interns are sending me emails with completed tasks and yes indeed I have gotten my life back. I am ready to get up again and start climbing and see where my intuition takes me. Thanks for being patient with unacknowledged comments, posts not on schedule and all the rest of my disheveled presentation.

Now that I have a very cool new “posse” to help what would you like to see and hear more about?