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One of the nicest moments for me during NYFW was actually the day before it began. I was asked to be a part of a presentation called “Bold Voices” showcasing the SS2018 collection of the sustainable fashion brand, VOZ. I was given the honor of being named a VOZ Woman and the tactile pleasure of wearing two looks from the collection.

For someone like me who appreciates the feel of a textile and the magical space between a garment and my body, the pieces chosen for me were like wearing perfection. The undergarment in both the looks made me think of the words “the unbearable lightness of being”. The first made of silk, elicited sensuality and the second a billowing, almost sheer, bell sleeved beauty made me feel like I could fly away if a strong breeze came through the space. Both garments, though made of different textiles, made me feel comfortably naked and yet completely self-accepting.

Each undergarment was paired with a beautifully woven over garment that kept me on the ground and made me feel protected and safe like there was a pair of gentle arms around me. The end result was that the strong emotional reaction I felt from wearing the undergarments was contained by the slightly heavier touch of the outer garment. I also knew that by wearing what I was wearing I was keeping the earth safe and supporting women artisans. I felt completely in balance. Unafraid, UnSelf-Conscious. Unlike the push and pull, as well as the destabilization, I sometimes feel from having to contain all my “opposites”, all my identities aligned in the moments I participated in this show and wore the garments. The result was a deep seated feeling of harmony and joy.  Wow, wow and wow, how can we not think that clothing is powerful?

Did you ever have a moment when a garment completely gave voice to your identity?

Check back on Wednesday, when thanks to my intern, there will be an interview with VOZ founder Jasmine Aarons and more information about the brand and the collection.

 Clothing - @madebyvoz Hair + MUA - @maya_rene Other VOZ Women @basakagaoglu Clothing – @madebyvoz Hair + MUA – @maya_rene Other VOZ Women @basakagaoglu