Curation: to pull together, sift through and select for presentation.

As more and more shopping is done on-line the choices can be somewhat overwhelming. Though convenient, increasingly fast to receive and with free shipping, making your way through endless choices can detract from the pleasure of looking...and dreaming, about a certain look you might have in mind.

When you depend upon certain accessories, like statement earrings and sunglasses as I do, having to search and purchase across different sites begins to be a chore rather than fun. Fortunately for me because of the many creative people I have met who are reinventing in the fashion space in countless ways, I have been introduced to some curated platforms that provide a kind of one stop shopping. Curation though like any other craft  or practice requires equal measures of talent and skill. 

On one of my fashion shoots I met a stylist who's clothing choices confirmed for me she understood and could appreciate the beauty of a minimalist aesthetic and I loved wearing the voluminous white blouse and dark trousers she chose for me (photo above). In other words her curation for me and everyone else on set evidenced a skilled and talented eye. How happy I was to find that she and her partners have launched a curated platform called Primary New York that allows me to skip through some of  my own endless culling and sifting and get right down to putting together an entire look (which means everything from a beautiful straw hat, to Rachel Comey pants, Karen Walker sunglasses and a super comfortable long sleeve T). Unlike other platforms, Primary offers an inclusive presentation where any and all women can find something that suits them in taste, style and budget.

Knowing how much I love Karen Walker glasses and unique earrings (the ones I am wearing below are from Rachel Comey),  my friend from Primary sent the glasses and earrings as gift. The also have a gift for you! If you use the code ICON15 you will get 15% off anything you might order. I love that they included my readers in the gifting too! 




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