Here’s what’s on my nightstand (and in my Pocket) as I  head towards my new re(solve) to have an early bedtime.

Bedside Book

ReFashioned: Cutting Edge Clothing From Upcycled Materials by Sass Brown

Fashion, Well-Being and Luxury

Beautiful Brands

Fashion Reports

New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion’s Future Ellen McArthur Foundation

Fashion Commentary

The Power of Circularity

Is Health and Wellness the New Luxury?

Wellness Movement: A Critique

Why Everyone Needs to Stop Talking About Anti-Aging and Focus on Wellness

BTW Pocket is an App that lets you save articles that are interesting but you do not have time to read when you see them.

Beauty (My definition)

Wellness Routines: Rose Marie Swift

A Recipe for Moonchildren and Bombcyclones