I feel like I need to begin this post with an apology for my neglect. So many of you took the time and wrote such encouraging and inspiring comments in response to my last post, I thank you. For the first time since I have started this blog I have missed several Weekend Fashion Bibliographies and a post or two on a Monday. Designer Wednesday’s have been few and far between. This makes me unhappy because of all my platforms, my blog is my favorite. When I do not have time to be creative, pictures just become taking pictures, not telling stories.

Somehow I found myself in the situation this semester of doing many things I really did not want to do and now the aftermath becomes a nagging dissatisfaction generally and a complete lack of creativity. I feel fretful. I have been fretting about my hair, my blog and tasks undone, I have been having trouble finding something to wear that gives me that feeling of rightness. I only want to wear jeans and baggy shirts. I tried to catch up on all the fashion news I have been missing and felt bored, nothing much exciting or new. I feel bored with myself. Sometimes I rue the fact that I was brought up in the bosom of psychoanalysis and thus compulsively engage in navel gazing.

Being fair, allergies have been taking me down and contributing to the sense of disorientation and fogginess that seems a constant state lately. I calm myself by reminding me of the fact that this is the way life and creativity goes; it is a series of peaks and valleys with each peak a little higher than the last. Soothed, i must admit though that  I do feel compelled to turn outward into the world, to reverse the focus and point the lens at something other than myself.  This summer I have a book to write about fashion and a bunch of articles I have saved about fashion and performance to read. I have a club called The Wing, with many different locations and members to inspire me. And I remember that it all always comes down to this at the end of the day…just start doing it, whatever the it may be.  So I better get dressed and off the couch, laptop in hand but I am still going to wear a baggy shirt and jeans.

What’s your “it” for the summer?