Shirt: Mango, Jeans: Jbrand, Shoes: Tibi, Earrings: Dinosaur Designs, Sunglasses: Ferragamo

Perhaps it is because I have been doing so much traveling, but my styling inspirations have veered between two poles: light where I feel as though I am flying up into the sky and dark which brings me down to the ground for a smooth landing.

On some days, I feel drawn to light, pastel, transparent/semitransparent, airy garments like the shirt I am wearing above. Other days I am drawn to earthy oranges, brown and clothes with more structure and shape. I most times want to wear denim as I am above. I have been experimenting with colors all over the palette, even, oh my… prints. These forays are clearly a move away from my usual black and white. The styling challenge for me is that I do not want to lose my edgy, avant garde coolness which is almost a guarantee when you stick to monotone, minimalist designers and looks. As with most challenges, I take it as a creative one.

My shoe choice however is flying at just the right altitude while I am trying to balance everything else. Not so very high heels, in-between kitten heels. Until now, heels would never be my choice. I love the shape and structure of the shoes I am wearing and they give me that edge I always need to have. A good graphic makes them very modern. I find it endlessly fascinating how an accessory can completely not just finish but structure an entire look.

I think the take off and landing metaphor is signifying my knowledge that this upcoming academic year will be a transition one for me. I am not sure yet where I am going but i know with great certainty I am.

What do you wear when you are in a transition time?