Last night Calvin and I had the best time shooting. We began very late, around 7:00 PM, and began to chase the sun as it traveled west, getting ready to set. It presented us with a creative challenge and I realized those are the moments when something really quite wonderful happens. In just seconds, what was a brilliant photo op was over and the light was gone. You have to think and move fast.

The light changes so quickly during this time and it reminds me of the pace of this digital world I am in…if you don’t move quickly you will lose it. That seems to be the nature of it all, sometimes you get your face full in the sun and the next minute it is back in the shadows. Once again a recent feature in the New York Times brought thousands of new followers. Unlike the last time when I allowed it to overwhelm me, I know now that soon impulsive newcomers will drift on to the next new thing because of FOMO (I just learned this means fear of missing out LOL). My base will hold, expand to include more into the circle, and that is who I will always write and create content for.

I wanted to be comfortable for this shoot, I wanted to have fun and I wanted to give street style a little glam and sophistication. Styling is always a creative challenge for me just like chasing the light is one for Calvin.  I go through periods where I feel so attracted to a type of clothing or a kind of garment. This always comes from a need to express some perspective, feeling or association I have about the current time in history and culture. Recent obsessions have been denim and transparent pieces.  Can you guess why? Somehow it feels frivolous to really dress up right now.

This summer I am drawn to streetwear. The freedom of less responsibility and national and global events are really activating my counterculture DNA and I am feeling rebellious and well…badass. My earrings are “throwing daggers” so to speak. Intending to catch the end of season designer sales, I found myself buying track pants, graphic t-shirts and visiting Y-3, Adidas and Nike. Though modern and different, the t-shirts I am choosing remind me of the collection of band t-shirts I had, and still have, like the Rolling Stones and my soft, pastel Allman Brothers “Eat a Peach” shirt I wore all summer with a faded denim skirt. The lines for the Supreme store I saw while shopping remind me of waiting in line to buy concert tickets or a new album.  I can hardly remember times I dressed up then, always preferring the attitude, coolness and the message behind the deliberate decision not to.

I guess the brand that most captures the who I was then with the who I am now is Y-3, probably the first significant collaboration between activewear and high fashion.  It  began with a phone call from Yohji Yamamoto to Adidas in 2001 to get some kicks for one of his fashion shows. In 2002 there was a small collection.  It still leans toward black and white and has everything from dresses to sneakers.  I put this collaboration on my research list to ferret out more details of how this partnership came to be and still emerges. Stay tuned for the story.

What do you think about the way streetwear has impacted the world of luxury fashion?