I have had some very interesting experiences during NYFW which I want to reflect on more and then of course do some writing about them. In the meantime I have been doing a series on my Instagram Stories about some of the moments I had that were, “Under the radar”, below the hype but so worthy of notice. So I thought I might share them.

I received an invite from a Korean brand; Kuho. Rather than an over the top production, the brand chose to do a beautifully constructed experience that was a realization of the brand’s philosophy about clothing and architecture. Ascending to the roof of the Standard Hotel one walked into what at first glance seemed like a sculpture garden as models were perched on platforms placed throughout the space. There were two musicians playing softly in the back ground and drinks and small bites were served. The models were real with affect and were looking easy and relaxed. And so indeed were the clothes. Minimalist perfection. Luxe fabrics and simple, elegant lines. I could feel myself begin to relax after the frenzy of the lightening speed of the in and outs at some of the other shows. You could linger and stay if you wanted. You could get a sense of what it was like to live with the clothes.

How do you think clothing should be displayed so it makes us feel more human and real?