So I had a big realization today. I have an issue with portion control. This epiphany came to me while I was enjoying a low fat meal provided by Amy’s Organic. Since I rarely have time to cook and have gotten tired of smoothies as my way to guarantee all my daily must-haves, I decided to try already prepared meals that controlled how much and how many calories I eat and to the extent possible offered a good dose of daily nutrients ( I am an incorrigible stress eater).  Actually quite tasty and satisfying as I finished up my meal, it hit me that i could have just as easily cooked up a batch of the featured ingredients. That was then I realized…I have a problem with portion control. Whether it is food or the amount of work I take on, life generally, or the intensity of my emotional responses, I have not yet developed the art and skill of portion control.  I always seem to have to do (or eat) or react more than is necessary.

Look at this picture for example. In a prior post I talked about being subtle with sequins and here I am literally binging on them!  This contradiction shows I have the intent to maintain portion control but when I am in the moment everything seems so irresistible!  Perhaps that is why my granddaughter and I are so intensely engaged right now, at 3 going on 4 she literally wants to gobble up the world. So as January is celebrating the pre-fix “RE”, my word for this week’s focus on Dimension 4 as per nutrition and life in general, will be re(calibrate), or to “carefully re-assess, re-set or re-adjust something”. I like this because I can still have my over the top exuberant initial responses, I just need to re-calibrate them before taking an action or saying YES (or eating the whole pint of chocolate chip ice cream, it’s not that I can’t have the ice cream at all).

What are your “re” words when it comes to the fourth dimension of well-being? 

Speaking of “RE” words, I have finally received my finished garment from Re;Code. They also kindly sent me photos of the process so you get to see it in the slideshow below. As I have been attempting to “re-calibrate” my wardrobe as well and finding some items hard to part with even though they are never worn, Re;Code’s Re;Collection gives you the option of using many of the “re” words everyone had on their list. So please enjoy the process and stay tuned for how I will style it!