Establishing the Routine: Hair


Establishing the Routine: Hair

Today we enter the third week of January (and I return from break UGH), This week the focus is on establishing a routine for hair. Like my clothing, I have always experienced my hair as a kind of raw material to express myself and my identity. Hair is probably your most forgiving friend. No matter what you do to it, it always grows out and back. 

The second friend you need when it comes to hair is someone who really knows how to cut the kind of hair you have. When my hair was very long, this was not a difficult challenge as visits to the salon meant trimming the ends and a little shaping. Once I decided to have short hair it became a serious problem. I could never seem to find someone who knew how to give a short cut to hair that was thick and bone straight. Stylists always wanted to give me layers which only served to increase the heaviness of my hair and really looked old-fashioned. 

It occurred to me one day, not that long ago, that perhaps a Japanese hair stylist would be a good fit for me and just like I love the clothes that are designed by Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake, I love every style created for me by my Japanese stylist Jun. He has been an integral shaper of the Accidental Icon as it was shortly after my first haircut with him that I started my blog. He has patiently listened, reined me in when I want to go too crazy and always gives me the look that is just right for me right now. 

As you may have noticed, after a long run with my undercut bob, I felt in need of something new.  I have a new haircut that is I think, my response to the times we are living in. There seems to be the need for women to feel their own power.  For me that meant a more androgynous and punky look. I have been taken by the Dior campaigns where women wear leather berets and the clothes are utilitarian, yet feminine because of their cut. One of the models, Ruth Bell, served as my current haircut inspiration. 

I would have to say the January “Re” word that applies to my attitude and stance towards my hair is “re(mix)”, because for sure there is one thing you can count on with me: I am always mixing it up.

What is your “Re” word when it comes to your approach to your hair style?

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