Recently, a number of beauty brands have been sending me products for thinning hair. Interestingly the hair on my head seems to be retaining it’s thickness (although in other regions of the body it is fast disappearing). So let me disclose here that I am not being paid for this post. During my re-set I went through the literally piles of products that are sent to me and as I have promised, ask myself some serious questions before choosing those I introduce you to, endorse and use myself.

For those of us who espouse the natural and environmental friendly way of chosing hair and beauty products, Aveda (who has been doing holistic beauty since 1978, well before it was in fashion), has recently released a 3 Step System, Invati Advanced. I have not tried it myself as thin hair is not an issue for me, but if any of you have, let us know how and if it works. I have tried the Invati exfoliating shampoo because I have to use product to keep my unruly hair (yes every part of me resists) behaving and between everyday and the amount of product involved in photoshoots I need something that is going to prevent build up and give me a good scrub without being harsh. Since I know you are like me and prefer a good story about a brand, more than just seeing a product, here is a link to Aveda’s Mission and History

Another natural plant based hair care brand that has worked well for me is PHYTO, who also has a product to address thinning, Phytodensia.  Again, I have not used it but I have used some of the other products such as the Intense Nutrition Mask, and the Exceptional Mask for times where there has been instances of excessive blowdrying, brushing etc. For traveling as Accidental Icon I have been grabbing their travel size assortment, Gorgeous Hair On the Go, and I especially love the foaming Intense Nutrition Shampoo. So for me, my “Re” word for hair is re-vitalize.

So now to my HERO product which was part of creating the above look: Oribe Silverati Shampoo and Conditioner. I have probably tried every silver shampoo and conditioner that has ever been made and no matter how many times I changed the frequency of use, my hair looked purple or blue. Somehow the brands just could not seem to get the amount of blue (to counteract the yellow). just right. I can use Silverati everyday if i chose and still just get white and bright hair. Here is a link to James Pecis telling us why.

So now just for fun, here’s a link to how James created what has become a kind of famous hairstyle called the Flame.

What is your “re” word for hair and do you have any products you would like to share?