When My Two Worlds Align

 Photo: Carmen Daneshmandi

Photo: Carmen Daneshmandi

It is very rare that I find a skin care product, or any product for the matter, that produces an observable outcome and that has an origin and purpose that makes me feel passionate and inspired. 

I was recently introduced to a brilliant and very humble professor, Dr. Augustinus Bader. His research and practice began with exploring the challenges around organ transplants which led him to stem cell research. He became passionate about finding alternative treatments for burn victims and others who experienced physical scarring and after effects from war, torture, domestic violence and other traumatic events. Dr. Bader was interested in finding out how to re-establish the natural activation process for cells to re-generate and heal when compromised by injury. 

Known as the ABC Method, Dr. Bader developed a topical treatment that activated, boosted and committed (three process that must occur simultaneously for healing to occur) the body’s stem cells to follow its own natural healing process. After great success with small clinical trials, including with children who had suffered severe burns, he was determined to continue his important work despite the fact that large pharmaceutical companies do not like to fund trials that do not involve huge segments of the population. For those of you research wonks, his samples were too small to be profitable for the companies. Also many of the trauma survivors he was encountering did not have the funds to pay for treatment.

That being said, Dr. Bader persevered and after meeting his partner, someone who understands business and finance, the idea was born to take the medical grade treatment and turn it into a beauty product that harnesses the genius of our own bodies with the contingency that a foundation would be formed where a percentage of the profits would be available for Dr. Bader to continue to innovate and provide free treatment to those who needed it. So of course for those of you who are aware of my long history working with those who have experienced traumatic events, you can probably tell I was sold just on that story alone. 

You all know I am the biggest cynic when it comes to skincare promises. First, I have experienced much sun damage and pollution exposure, which has showed on my face. Challenging life events that created periods of high stress also showed on my skin. I have been unashamed to present this in all of my photos. After many disappointments, I decided to just stick to cleansing and moisturizing. However, I honestly have to tell you that after just two weeks of using this product there is a demonstrable difference in the look of my skin (it is luminous), the sagging parts under my eyes are filling out and lifting and the deep carves from the challenges are becoming lighter. Full disclosure: I received the product to try but have not been paid to promote it. 

The best part of all is that this is me and my body collaborating on this beauty project and activating its own brilliant mechanisms. There are no promises to take away all of the wrinkles and the life story told on my face (I would not want it to!) but this product restores your skin to the best possible state of health it can can be.  Full disclosure again, it is expensive,  but for me I can justify it in that I am  also making a charitable contribution and not just indulging vanity about my looks. By the way, I also see visible outcomes. It is not available yet but soon will be at Augustinus Bader.

As a woman who is committed to the enhancement of human well-being, really our topic for the month, what is so compelling for me about this cream is that every time I apply it to my face, I am not only helping myself to be the best I can be, I am also helping countless trauma victims whose healing treatment will be funded and innovated as part of the mission of this brand. Using this product allows me to authentically represent every part of who I am at this time of my life.

What products do you use that make you feel authentic and natural?


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