The Last “RE” of the Month


Right now I am sitting in a hotel room in Tokyo. Coming to Japan has been a long deferred dream. I think the calm and order of this culture is exactly what I need at this very frenetic moment.

My “re” word for the moment is to re(flect). 2018 has started with a flood of requests and this week a posted video that has resulted in a mass of new followers (welcome!) and a flood of emails and comments. In fact I had to put down the phone and take a break to stop and breathe but also to try and understand more about the cultural moment we are living in and what I might do with this platform that has drawn a crowd, so to speak.

i had my reset and feel clear about my priorities so that is not a concern but rather how do I remain engaged with my followers personally, not by using a bot or staff, as the numbers keep growing?  Just as it is with my students, it is with and through my relationships that I grow and evolve and that in fact has been the case with my blog and my other social media. 

That being said I will try and respond to all the emails and comments but it may take me awhile at least not until next week. In the meantime any ideas about efficient ways to engage are appreciated. I look forward to sharing my adventures in Tokyo and will have a really fun announcement about something that will be happening in February.

Thank you again for being wonderful. 

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