This blog post marks the end of my trial of Dr. Perricone’s 28-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet in conjunction with a skincare routine that when used together mutually reinforces an inside/outside approach to health, wellness and beauty. Let me start by saying that if there was ever a month that would present the most challenges to realizing claims of increased levels of “mental clarity, increased energy and an overall boost to physical well-being”, the month of September was it for me. Starting a new semester, that coincides with fashion month (this year including Paris!) and maintaining the project that has “accidentally” become excitedly overwhelming, all converged at the very same moment I was starting this new program.

But at the end of this trial I can honestly and sincerely tell you (and not because I am being paid by PerriconeMD) that I am absolutely going to keep eating this way and using Essential Fx products on my skin. It is no longer a trial, it is now a fact of my life. And it has not only passed the most challenging test ever this month, but in spite of my reputation of being an exceptionally hard grader, this coherent approach to wellness and beauty actually got an A. For a quick introduction to the diet, and skincare elements of my program, click on the photos below.

What You Can Eat and Ways to Prepare It

What I really love about this way of eating is that as long as you know what the essential ingredients are (just like with the skincare) you can better understand how and why it works. Because I do not have time on a daily basis to cook, knowing what I can eat means that I can easily order what I need at healthy restaurants and that I can prepare and have on hand, a number of ingredients like white beans and barley. I can throw them into a big bowl of greens, add a protein, combine some lemon juice with a little olive oil, herbs and top with a handful of seeds. In minutes I have a hearty meal. For those who have the luxury of time, or when you want to serve something special, there are delicious recipes that turns these simple, fresh and whole ingredients into a special dish. Click on the photos below for some recipes and articles that further explain why some foods are especially beneficial.

So What Are the Outcomes?

First and foremost I would not have had the physical stamina and level of focus I needed to get through this very challenging month. I was able to prioritize, stay organized and had more energy to be creative. Stabilizing my blood sugar and transitioning away from massive amounts of caffeine, my 4:00 PM crashes went away. My “sugar” tummy decreased in inches and I naturally lost about 3 pounds of weight without trying because I stopped stuffing myself with carbs. My skin is supple and radiant and I have to say, both on and off-line, I have been getting compliments about it every day, My character and life lines look softer and less like a wood carving and the dark circles under my eyes are lightening. I feel healthy. I feel satisfied and I have been getting pleasure from the “fruits” of this regimen. I feel energetic. As I mentioned before, Calvin is accompanying me on this journey. He is no longer napping when I come in the door before dinnertime. His issues with dry and irritable skin have cleared up. He too has more energy and he is actually having fun coming up with his own recipes. He loves salmon and feels free to enjoy it whenever he likes. We both feel well.

What he is most happy about, as am I, is that sharing this adventure has somehow resulted in us spending more time together. Whether it is shopping at the greenmarket to hunt for our fresh ingredients, finding healthful restaurants that allow us to stay within the parameters of the diet, learning about the many kinds of green tea from a tea connoisseur or even staying up a little later because we are not exhausted, we are connecting more because of this life change. We are taking more time to experiment with cooking and other things, like me taking pictures of him for a change. We are slowing down to; “smell the herbs” so to speak and be thoughtful about eating. We realized our old diet of pasta and other “white” foods eaten at breakneck speed was not bringing color, variety and vitality into our lives. So at the end of this official trial I have to say most of the intended outcomes have been realized and much to our surprise and delight several unintended ones too!