As many of you might have noticed, I have been pretty obsessed with wearing earth tones lately. My life has been flying high (both literally and figuratively) traveling the last two weekends, first to London and then to Florida for a social work conference. Early December am on my way to Dubai, Denver and and as of now a yet to be determined locale. Somehow I find these colors grounding and more supportive than my usual black, white and red sharp, edgy clothing right now. The cuts are also oversize and require nothing from me except to inhabit them. I pair them always with jeans and brown boots.

I have also been very engaged with autumn. Of course it makes sense given the time of life I am in and the fact that I am transitioning away from something that has been central to my life for the last 19 years. But the glorious colors of the falling leaves remind me that the fall is always more beautiful and vibrant than the pastel delicacy of new beginnings.

The autumn, late coming to me this year, brings cooler temperatures, which seems to result in a resurgence of energy and an eagerness to get started on new adventures. Although we are more than halfway through the semester it feels like autumn only started just now. So I am happy to have a burst of energy to bring me through the upcoming holidays, holiday posts, gift lists and end of semester activities. I am going to keep wearing my earthtones to make sure my feet stay on the ground as I look up and meet a very fast moving world.

Do you have favorite clothes or colors that demand nothing from you except to wear them?