Seeing Red


After a frenzy that began with a trip to Japan and ended with the close of NYFW, I finally feel like I can take back full ownership of my "red". I am owning it here from head to toe.  I have re-connected with all my important relationships, my clothes (old and new), my students, my emerging designers and am feeling very excited about starting a new phase of development: being able to design and create my own clothes.  I also celebrated Lunar New Year with Calvin and friends. I am feeling really, really red right now.

There are many associations to the color red that I would like to bring to my creative process and to the way I want to express how I feel about living in today, 2018. First is the great cultural and historical significance the color holds as i feel this could be an era that can transform the way we relate to each other and to really find out what a civil society means in a rapidly transforming technological space. Next is it's association with revolution, anger, passion, blood and love, a churning cauldron that is our current sociological situation. While red is highly associated with joy, happiness and well-being, it is also associated with hatred, anger and aggression.

This color exactly conveys the paradoxical feelings I had when I was seeing brilliant clothes and glamorous people during fashion week while at the same time getting news of a mass school shooting in Florida. Red is also the color that warns of the highest level of danger, in this instance to our civil society. But as has been my experience while working over the years with young people who have experienced trauma in a great many forms, I am given hope because of the resilient, brutally direct and empowered "red"  we are being given by teenagers who now challenge us to take action. It is more important than ever to not let others define the kind of people we want to be. Fashion is more important than ever to be a way to express both what we care about and to give us a way to have happiness and joy. As always clothing helps me to express what I often cannot with words, so today I wear red to honor the youth who are standing up because they are seeing "red" and have had enough. 

How does fashion help you to express something important to you and how does it bring you happiness and joy?

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