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This week I really wanted and needed to feel comfortable. During NYFW a number of designers wanted to dress me for their shows and as honored as I was, It involved running around meeting Calvin with garment bags and at one point I had to change in a coffee shop bathroom making me feel like I was a female version of Clark Kent/Superman. So when it was all over I did not much feel like "dressing up" for our regular weekend fashion shoot.

I also felt somewhat vulnerable after all the attention and exposure that has come from a Buzzfeed video. A part of me wanted to hide, like I sometimes do behind sunglasses. Somehow oversized clothes gives me strength and make me feel powerful. In an oddly paradoxical way, exaggerating my smallness by wearing oversized clothing makes me feel strong and in control. It makes me remember that when I was a kid and I was cold my Dad would give me his sweater or sweatshirt and even though it became more like a dress it made me feel warm and protected. The heft and weight of it always made me feel grounded and calm. I had all the same feelings when I put on this shirt and trousers designed by Ray Chu. 

I had asked the designer to answer some questions for us and when I received  them this morning I understood why his clothes made me feel the way they did. This is the part of fashion I love best: the relationship between designer, inspiration and wearer and the unconscious communication that occurs when you use clothing as a medium to convey your story.

1. When did you know that you wanted to design and make clothes?

It was probably after high school when I started watching some TV series about modeling and sewing, such as Project runway.  I felt like I really wanted do something and make those sketches into real clothes so I started taking some courses in sewing and pattern making around college. And finally, I applied  for a MA in fashion design after college. 

2. What was your inspiration for this collection?

Small daily things has been always inspiring me in designing clothes. For this season, I was kinda doing a little bit of 80-90 disco glam and a bit throwback to my child time during summer break. You will see kirakira ensembles in the collection and with adding more contrast on the proportion, like I was wearing my parents' clothes back at that time, by applying in to the high waist paper bags pants and cropped top. This season, we are also doing some interesting wash on denim. Retro vintage washed denim with punches effect which creates more texture. 

3. Why did you want “Accidental Icon” to wear your designs? Was there something you wanted to say with this choice?

I’ve always liked Lyn's style and actually the time I met her in person was back in 2015 in capsule trade show the time I was doing intern under other brand. (Luckily I started my own brand now) Lyn is definitely one of the empowering women who has strong and unique attitude/ taste in styling and also perfect fit for our brand which we always celebrate women being unique and empowering. 

4. This is the month of Red and it is about hot, forbidden and fiery passion, what is your red?

Red for me is being passionate, daring and an accent! 

Thanks Ray!


What do you wear when you want to feel protected?

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