Photo: Calvin Lom

This month I decided to focus on red. Not because of Valentine’s Day or the usual sentimental attachment to the color, but more because I want to reflect on passion, adventure and maybe even a little danger.  A  crimson red that is the color of  blood and fire, the edgy and a little bit dangerous side of red. I want to engage with the desire you feel in your belly when you are really turned on; by an idea, a person, a dream, an opportunity or a garment.  Red is the color of extremes and that is what I feel like being. Red is assertive, daring and determined.  Red gets your attention quickly and gets you to make a fast decision (think flashing red lights and fire trucks). Red stimulates us to take an action and gives us energy. Red is the color of revolution. Prabal Gurung calls red, “femininity with a bite”.

As January ends and we move into February my new beginnings are starting a month late. This month especially I will need every ounce of energy and vigor that one allegedly gets from exposure to red. As always there is NYFW, but I feel I have made some good choices about where to focus my time. Moving forward, I will be working with new representation who will be helping me build my business and expand my project. I have some interesting new collaborations. BTW thanks everyone for all the wonderful skincare suggestions! My work as a professor and as a cultural influencer are moving closer together, but new programs and distance education will be adding some new dimensions to the university side of things.

The most exciting passion project is the one I am doing with the New York School of Design’s Fashion Design Program. I will be taking classes in fashion design and construction and will be blogging and talking about it as I am doing it. A completely skills based approach,  I will learn everything about designing and constructing a finished garment. Since my Re;Code story I have been obsessed with upcycling and have many ideas and designs in mind. This course and one that will be launched in the summer will give me all the tools I need to work on and produce my own designs.  So hold on to your hats  as this month promises to paint a big stroke of crimson across this ever evolving life!

How will you chase your desire during this month of red?