Let's Keep Talking About Culture Change

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I cannot tell you how inspired I was by all the comments on last week's post. I feel like we are on to something that is still becoming and not yet there. So that means let's keep talking. I am thinking of all the discourse this month on women's empowerment and how fashion sees itself at the forefront of this movement. The comments keep coming and it feels like I have instigated a massive resurrection of bodies that were "disappeared"  into uniforms of work, societal dictates about age, caregiving and somehow now realize they have been lost or erased. Thrillingly they want to be found and seen again.  They are taking steps towards the "mirror". My  challenge to the fashion system and to ourselves is: you/we have a moment here; the challenge is are you/we going to take it?

For the fashion system that means engaging with all women in conversations about how fashion can be used as a tool to support women in all of their personal initiatives and dreams no matter who they are.  Fashion brands can create collaborative spaces for women, of all identities and positionalities, to talk about garments that come from the inside/outside, where women's creativity and brand expertise are put towards the project of innovation. For us that means the work of looking inward, of knowing who we are, strengths and limitations and owning them without reservation.  That of course is easier said then done and there were wonderful suggestions such as interviewing other women who have achieved this level of confidence, having a physical space where there are "experienced" others who can assist and provide support in taking that first step towards experimenting, exposing more of my own process and many more.

So my process behind this outfit was that I had multiple tasks to achieve. My internet was acting up and I had to go to a coffee shop to download and send photos to someone. I also had to write a blog post, take a photo for a blog post, feature some clothes I have been sent that have been put to the side, and get this all done so I could travel to the suburbs and babysit my granddaughter so my daughter and son-in-law could celebrate St. Patricks Day. Normally sweats and a long sleeve t would do the job but given the need to post the pajamas were a fashionable alternative that provided the same level of ease and comfort. The silk pajama look felt light and not like another burden (and thus lifted my mood), signaled I was tired (so others might take care), had some color to give me some energy and traveled well. I added a long black coat, some boots, mitts (all for warmth) and of course my earrings to add some drama. 

Someone also suggested crafting a statement that contains an authentic expression of one characteristic that describes you and you want to express through a garment or outfit you have styled. Anyone care to take this one on? 


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