Photo: Michael Paniccia

I know it’s been a long hiatus since I posted. Some of it has been the holidays, some of it as always is having lots going on. But more of it probably is that I feel I have reached a saturation point. I am satiated with constant, fast and ever moving digital content. I feel overfed and so full I have not been able to move. So I have not been so inspired.

The world of fashion for the most part goes off the grid from the week before Christmas until today. In that absence I realized that it’s not going fast in and of itself that has caused me to be saturated and satiated, it’s not having time to dream and fill myself with the kind of healthy inspiration that comes from interacting with real people, not just looking at screens. It’s not having the time to digest and metabolize all that i am seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and feeling. It’s not having enough real.

It was actually a real conversation with my enchanting niece and thoughtful nephew that gave me some real assistance. They gave me very smart advice about how to get back on track with my book proposal, which frankly has been stuck in the mud. Their advice was simple: really connect with your followers and see what they would like to know. Since I already asked all of you about writing a book, I posted on Instagram and Facebook and received the same generous response I aways get from you.

Let’s just say I am WILDLY excited to write this book. Because in effect, it is a collaboration between me and my followers. They have told me what they want to know about and I will be creative about how I want to answer.

On other notes, I excited to tell you I will be doing a monthly newsletter. starting at the end of the month. I will be collaborating on that with my upstairs neighbor (who took the photo above) a fashion photographer who I feel almost as comfortable with as Calvin. Calvin BTW will be starting his own very exciting project so I can’t have him all to myself! I am doing a bit of the a re-design of the blog so stay tuned later in the month.

The theme of the first newsletter is Comfort. For me this year comfort will be less is more in all things except connecting and collaborating.

And finally, this spring semester I will be honored for 20 years of service at my university. It will be a lovely swan song.

Happy New Year and thanks for everything!