Some of you may have noticed I have been changing my color palette this autumn and winter. As I wrote in a previous post, the earthy brown and rust tones somehow are making me feel more grounded. The pinks are softening my hard edges left over from last semester. Since most of my jewelry and sunglasses are designed around black and white with pops of color, mostly red, I have resorted to wearing my silver and gold hoops with every outfit. Boring!

So I decided to make a trip to my favorite vintage earring purveyor, Sheri’s Vintage Jewelry Collections. A former fashion designer, Sheri has a massive collection of vintage jewelry in every color and a repertoire of even more colorful stories about her adventures in the fashion industry. She works with stylists, costume designers and women who just love jewelry. Sheri also has a special relationship with Lawrence Vrba and is one of the few places you can get his designs. My Lawrence Vrbas have always been big hits whenever I wear them.

So stay tuned and watch for my new selection of browns, amber and beige statement earrings. I also got some sunglasses debuting above.

Are earrings a part of your style and if so do you have a favorite pair that make a statement?