It has been a very busy, yet exciting time. I have been in a commercial, it has been NYFW, and I am putting the finishing touches on my book proposal. And you know the usual…teaching, living, spoiling my granddaughter and cooking soup. The ordinary still continues to exist within the surreal nature of my experiences and adventures as the Accidental Icon. I am so grateful they do. I am happy that I am still taking the subway during fashion week instead of cars. I am happy I still do my own makeup. I am happy that I decide not to go to an important party because it has been a very long day and I want to take care of myself because I am tired and the weather is terrible. I am happy that I am not taking myself too seriously. I am happy Calvin and I found a way to take pictures indoors so I do not have freeze in the cold. The photo I posted today was me sitting on my very own ottoman covered in faux fur sans blue lips because I was warm and content.

In trying to find my way in this amazing experience I am having as Accidental Icon it is the small everyday things I do that keep me grounded. Yesterday I went to work at The Wing, a beautiful dedicated space for women to work together and collaborate. On Sundays, it is quiet and peaceful. Set in a loft space in Soho, now two floors, there are large windows and skylights that let in the bright blue sky and sunshine. I took a break from fashion and social media. Sitting in a beautiful space I returned to a life of letters on this day. Taking my time, being thoughtful, feeling the warmth of my coffee mug on my hand. This feels delicious.

What do you do to stay grounded when life is serving up a bouquet of riches?