Maybe as a reaction to last week’s excursion into a strange, new and unfamiliar world, this week I wanted to wear something that had a more historic feel and find a building that has some vestiges of its age. All week I experienced a lingering melancholy. Sometimes lately I just fill up with anger about everything that is happening in the world. I am also feeling a little angry with myself because at least on my Instagram I am starting to lose some of my “realness’. I can slip into comparisons, focus on likes and this drains every ounce of creativity from my bones making me feel dark and unhappy. The problem comes from this dilemma: I want to disengage but in order to move my project forward, I need to engage. As always, I express what I feel in my clothing choices, for me a therapeutic act.

In this photo, my wool straight leg pants are from Helmut Lang (before he reinvented himself as an artist and left fashion design) and provided inspiration as to how creativity can move one forward into doing what one really wants to do in life. The jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier is oversized and androgynous making me feel powerful and strong. The hat is Yohji Yamamoto and is actually a “half hat”, reminding me I can see the glass as half empty or half full. The shirt is from a pair of silk pajamas given to me by an emerging designer I did a favor for the first year I started blogging and prompts me to remember to be kind. The holster allows me to not be encumbered by a bag and fills my need for self-protection as well as promotes the idea of letting go of unnecessary baggage. The shoes are filled with stars which makes me recall that there is always some beauty within the darkness.

And as usually happens by using the language of clothes to express whats filling me up, space opens up for something new to come into being. Meeting two days after this photo was taken, my intern, soon to be a partner and I dreamed up a new project and all of a sudden I felt like wearing color again. It’s a return to all the best things about my roots yet it is our creative response to current challenges. In line with the season, it is a return to another new beginning and clothes and collaboration are what took me there.

Do you ever use clothing as language?