Like everyone else I’m tired of winter, being bundled up and dressing in layers. It’s time to take some of them off. Whether it is those one or two pounds that you need to keep you warm or heavier makeup because you’re so pale; extra highlighter you need to make your dry skin a little brighter, I just want to shed it all like a snake. Spring is here and I am craving the sunshine and warm.

I want my clothes and my makeup to be sheer, weightless and full of light. Perricone MD’s No Makeup Makeup is really like wearing no makeup at all. You can find the full range of products and a how-to-apply video here (link to the Perricone MD website). Because of the thoughtful and scientific combination of ingredients, this makeup line does more than just give me a look- it improves my skin over time and protects my skin from that sun that I want to be kissing my face.

I start with the No Makeup Instant Blur which primes and blurs any unevenness in my skin tone, so I’m ready for my favorite product, the No Makeup Foundation Serum. This foundation is not just makeup but a renewing treatment that is designed to perfect and soften your complexion with a semi-matte finish and non-chemical SPF 30. My face literally shimmers after I apply it and it is specially formulated to be applied with your fingers which is also very liberating.

The No Makeup Concealer, another favorite, is a multi-tasker that can be used as a primer, concealer, and highlighter. As light as all the products in this line, it’s crease proof and deals with those dark circles at the same time it smoothes and brightens.

The No Makeup Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter allow you to create a perfect palette of color for your face and the No Makeup Mascara and Lipstick allow for the finishing touch.

For those of you are are new to the blog, in the interests of transparency, you should know I have a paid sponsorship with Perricone MD. However, you should also know that I do research before agreeing to promote a brand and only promote products I myself would buy and use in my everyday life and that I’d be excited to share with you.