I was so moved by all of the responses to last week’s post and feel inspired to continue our reinvention journey together. Of course, for me, every journey needs a wardrobe. One of the most inspiring and life-giving experiences I had over the last year was going to Iceland to shoot the Spring/Summer 2019 collection for Matthildur. 

I had known the creator, Matthildur Halldorsdottir, through her earlier work as one of a trio from Iceland behind the brand, Elm Design. I had always felt a kinship with her as she came to fashion through her work in drama therapy and dance. Matthildhur relocated to Peru and used the opportunity to evolve herself and her connection to women, clothing, movement, sustainability, reinvention, and modernity. Using locally sourced textiles, small producers that allow a human relationship to form and grow between designer and maker, her clothes are graceful, comfortable and show her respect for women and the earth. In the process of working with Matthildhur, I feel honored to say she is now my friend.

In a very funny kind of way as I was producing content for this post, it became very clear that there were a number of pictures in this campaign of me smiling. And public pictures of me smiling are few and far between. I think that says something about the way the clothes made me feel as well as all the artists I was collaborating with to make this campaign possible. In light of our conversation last week, I think my next step should be unpacking all the reasons why this campaign made me feel so happy and alive and that might just tell me something about the kind of work I need to be seeking as I move into the next reinvention of the Accidental Icon. It might just also tell you something about what happens when you wear Mathhildhur’s clothes.

For the purpose of transparency, I have been paid for this post.