I know my posts have been sporadic lately and for those who like consistency, my apologies. I’ve actually been trying to figure out what to do with my summer and how that relates to the work I produce. I’m not sure if you know of a magazine called, Monocle, but if you don’t, click on the link. It’s about everything culture and has articles, interviews, films, and podcasts. If for any reason you’re not able or willing to physically travel, this magazine takes your mind wherever it may wish to go. It has a focus on innovation and quality of life.

We’ve made a decision not to travel too far this summer as most of the places we want to go will be hot and filled with tourists, so we’re deferring until the fall. My quest now becomes how do I approach a very great need for a vacation and still remain connected and engaged with my platforms? Since I am not an either/or kind of person, I found an approach while reading the Weekend Edition of Monocle which appeared like a gift of needed inspiration in my inbox. In one essay, “Good Call”, the author, Tyler Brule tells us that while all his co-workers have opted to go away he travels a different path, “Instead I’ve opted to stay a bit closer to home and maintain a gentle work rhythm…”  He calls it “staying limber” ahead of knowing you have a hectic schedule of work coming, in my case September. This perfectly describes what my body, mind, and soul have been telling me to do with my summer. I’m exploring what a “gentle work rhythm” might be.

I’m taking long walks, reading magazines and books and taking photographs that help me slow down and take a closer look at the world around me. I’m taking notes and compiling stories. I’m noting interesting things. I’m going to events and having stimulating conversations. I’m searching out old garments and making them into something new. This dress is actually an old Creatures of Comfort skirt I got at Housing Works (NYC thrift stores). It was always a bit too long for flats so today I just yanked it up and it became a lovely dress I could wear with my comfortable yet stylish sneakers from Freda Salvador.  I’m back to creating new worlds and personas in my imagination and somehow in this photo, I become a modern-day Rapunzel in Brooklyn just trying to let down my hair and get out of the confinement created by digital overload, stress, and too much work. I want to be engaged and in the real world right now; not in a fairy-tale virtual castle. I’m formulating my next dream and getting closer to knowing what it is.

Today I felt moved to write to you and to thank you. Your support of my period of “Whatnowness” has been generous and life-giving. You’ve given me the idea and inspiration for what my book should be about and where I should direct my energy moving forward. How does the title, “What Now?!”  sound to you?

Do you have a gentle work rhythm? If so, what is it and how do you maintain it?