I apologize for the lapse in posting, but the last month of getting to the closing of the house, coordinating the actual move and moving has been taking up most of my time. Of course, I still need to do some work for Accidental and my consulting, babysitting duty and preparing to celebrate our first holiday in our new home. Election drama and challenges to democracy, despite my trying hard not to be, are still distracting.,

In this photo, I’m walking along the back of our property. The beautiful fir trees and the expanse of green are my back yard. Bordered by other lovely trees and bushes, the green is waiting to become secret gardens, fragrant with herbs and flowers. I envision beds of fresh vegetables to serve our guests. The space is open to suggestions, daydreams, and my imagination. I’m wearing an outfit that is hand-knitted by rural women craftspersons and made from natural wool. A natural fashionable.

I am learning about chipmunk holes, composting, and the names of the many trees, plants, and bushes that adorn our property are. Not so much the newest technology or fashion news. I’ve done my research and found that our land is under the care of the Kitchawanks, a now extinct tribe that summered near the river about a mile away so they could harvest oysters and wintered in what is now the Blue Mountain Preserve which abuts the back of our property. I’m learning that neighbors look out for each other, arrive on your back porch as a group with a plant and a cake to welcome you and that you always wave when you look out your window and catch the eye of someone raking leaves, checking mail or passing them on the street.

The same emptiness, yet pregnant with possibility, exists inside our home as we moved with little or no furniture and deliveries are taking longer because of the surge in the number of COVID cases. We have our new bed, a comfortable eco mattress, foundation and frame, no headboard. I’ve been scouring online auctions, antique, and used furniture sites as I want to honor the age of the house. I just found a beautiful rug for our front hallway.

With the engineer’s report in hand, we’ve been starting with minor tasks and repairs and planning for the bigger jobs. Determined, we’re in no rush and want to do as much as we can ourselves. There’s something lovely about living in the emptiness and seeing what will feel like it’s right. I learned how to live with stillness when I was sick this summer. Now I’m learning to just be in a space and hold the urge to fill it until it tells me what will make us comfortable.

So that’s what I’ve been doing, and I’ll share as the adventure develops.

I’m interested to hear how your projects and adventures have grown and welcome your thoughts about gardening, home renovations, old houses, decorating or any other ideas you’d like to share. Or how you’re doing since we last connected. I’m hoping you are all keeping safe and well.