Very excited to announce the launch of my memoir, How To Be Old, coming March 12, 2024. If you can preorder here it is very helpful to new authors as they convert into sales on launch day and the more you have the more attention the book will receive.

Just a reminder that these days I am doing my writing on Substack. They have a free newsletter email service, unlike the old one I used to use here which was extremely expensive. So here’s a link, the subscription is free.  I think you’ll enjoy my most recent essay, Stranger in the Mirror. I miss your comments and engagement so please do make the time to subscribe. Like before an email will come to your box when i post so you don’t have to keep checking back. I’m doing a countdown of days until the book launch on my Instagram. I’m posting about books, my writing process, fashion, How To Be Old, and other assorted creative prompts. Some very incredible writers have been saying some very nice things about the book.