When I was in high school I had to wear uniforms. We had two versions: the winter and summer uniform. Although we did not go to school in the summer, for some reason that is what it was called, although it would be more accurate to say it was a spring uniform. Usually a lighter fabric and lighter color, the skirt was a thin stripe rather than plaid. There was a cardigan instead of a wool blazer and one could wear sheer stockings rather than heavy wool socks or tights.

The challenge in the summer when you are predominately a wearer of black and white is to find clothing that supports your “style noir” so to speak but can look a little less heavy, is a little cooler and a little less formal than your usual garb. In other words you have to find your summer uniform.  What can I say about these summer overalls and sheer polka dot t-shirt except that they give me the same feeling of impending freedom and lightness that I felt when the official date we could begin to wear our summer uniforms was announced.

Both the shirt and the overalls (which are actually like a romper for grown-ups) were given to me by the talented creative director of Blackblessed,  AKA Flor, whose garments I have showcased here before. For those of us whose summer and winter uniforms consist mainly of black and white this designer is one of the go-tos. Just to keep us a little surprised she will sometimes throw in a dash of red as she has this summer. Lucky for us she is having her summer sale and you can get more than just one summer uniform (so you won’t have to wash it every night). I have my eye on the White Bishop’s Dress for a number of reasons. Can you guess what they are?

Anything catch yours?